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The accelerated long-term recording of motion sequences is a cinematic method, which is also referred to as time lapse in film production. In this technique, the frame rate of the camera used is slowed down in relation to the later playback frequency, so that the action or the process in the film is played faster.

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In this way, optical changes are recognizable, such as processes in nature, which are hardly or not perceived by the human eye. We at Ximpix tell you how such a video is created and how to use it effectively.

How about a time lapse effect for your short film?

How do I create a time lapse?

Depending on the motif and the intention, time lapse is particularly suitable for demonstrating an occurrence or process. Well-known picture themes are the starry sky or the skyline of a big city. The accelerated playback requires many images or long film shots for such an effect. For example, you can take a picture every 20 seconds for a period of one to two hours, from which a film is created afterwards. As a rule, each second in the time lapse is therefore played with a frequency of 24 to 30 frames per second. For this purpose there is a large number of programs that are used for post-processing, such as Adobe After Effects.

Special cameras are not required to create this method. However, it is useful to use a top quality recording camera in order to obtain high resolution images. Videos can be realized with an externally controlled trigger including a timer function. The continuous shooting mode (burst mode) of a camera also allows you to film good time-lapse recordings. This film method is an elaborate endeavour in which you depend on an expert.

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Ximpix offers business-oriented as well as target group-specific solutions in the field of film production. Let your company shine with an impressive time-lapse effect or take advantage of an original image film production that highlights the benefits or corporate identity of your company. Convince yourself of our high-quality results that will make you stand out from your competition! Our production team gives the films uniqueness, charm and the necessary wit – with passion and creativity we live for film production. Our creative agency from Hanover challenges the limits of possibilities and implements your ideas!

Time lapse for your advertisement film

What is such a time-lapse effect needed for?

With the combination of an accelerated procedure and the camera movement, a filmmaker achieves a breathtaking effect. A subsequently incorporated zoom or camera drive can give the actual time lapse an additional effect. In this way, the foreground can be detached from the background, resulting in a change of perspective. This in turn creates a so-called parallax shift.

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Various uses of time lapse

Since movements or changes are highlighted by the time-lapse technique, this effect is suitable for such matters. With a time lapse, for example, you can show your construction of a building – how your employees make the complex emerge from scratch, step by step. Then time lapse is the right solution for you! There are countless ways you can use time lapse for yourself. Ximpix will be happy to help you. We realize not only regional or national film projects for our customers, but also operate on the international level. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get advice from our creative team!

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