A film production conveys emotions to your target group!

Do you still remember the first movie that touched you? As is known, a picture says more than 1,000 words. A film intensifies this effect many times over.

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Addressing multiple senses!

The connection between tone, sounds and moving pictures creates a new dimension in which the messages are conveyed in a new way. For example, you can use a film to surprise, upset, or even make your audience laugh! In order to achieve such a successful result in film production, an exact target group analysis is required. On the basis of this, more effective advertising messages can be conceived and thus do not fall into oblivion! With creativity, passion and professionalism, the most breathtaking pictures and videos are created in this light!

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Ximpix - Your film production from Hanover

In the field of film production, our team has been able to prove itself on the regional up to the international level and gain experience. You too can benefit from the expertise of our specialists. Whether it is a product video, image film or any kind of visualisation – we at Ximpix realize all kinds of film and video productions. Creative and emotional. For this purpose, our dedicated creative team with academic background creates individual concepts that fit your marketing campaign. Therefore we are working intensively with your target group in order to create an impressive result – especially on the functionality of the film, our creative agency attaches great importance. Ximpix surprises you with fresh and original ideas!

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How does film production work?

Film production involves not only the creation of videos, but also the entire production process of a film. Among other things, these include:

    –   Project development
    –   Pre-production
    –   Shooting
    –   Post-production
    –   Film distribution

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Progress of a film production

Before a film is produced, certain film calculations as well as film financing have to be talked through. The fundamental basis for film production is the creation of a ready for production script. Depending on the film type, these first preparation steps require a lot of effort, which is why it is advisable to hire a professional production team.

In pre-production, storyboards must be created, scenery and costumes made and locations selected. In addition, actors are also cast and an accurate film shooting schedule is created. Not to be forgotten are the composition of the film crew and the necessary movie equipment. The responsibilities of the directors of production mostly extend from the work organisation to the procurement of materials to the coordination of the shooting schedule. We at Ximpix implement projects as desired and already ask you specifically in the first interview about your ideas!

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Matching the right frames accordingly to your budget

Due to the costs incurred for actors, speakers, motifs and for the film crew, the phase of shooting is usually the most cost-intensive item of all. These will be performed either in a selected film studio or with original backgrounds, depending on the budget available. The duration of the actual shooting depends on the length of the film as well as on the number of shooting locations. Another important factor is the planning of the production team as well. Only with flawless project planning a flawless process can be guaranteed.

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Digital post-processing (also called post-production) requires the sound handling of specific programs in film production and also a certain skill, sensitivity and experience. This allows visual effects and animations to be created. Furthermore, the audio tracks are mixed or edited to create an impressive sound. The combination of sound and moving pictures then creates an ultimate result that appeals to several senses.

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