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A speaker is distinguished between a person who can be seen in the picture and an off-speaker (in English also voice-over), who merely can be heard in the film. In commercial or advertising film productions a so-called off-speaker usually speaks about the claim as well as the brand name of the company. You often hear such speakers in an image film and documentary, as well as in TV posts as commentary voice.

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Often, well-known dubbing speakers are booked for films to provide the product with a familiar voice, which allows you to gain sympathy among the viewers. Regardless of which film you need a professional speaker for – Ximpix is your competent partner from Hanover! Our creative agency supports you in all phases of your project and that at regional, national and international level! We search for the right speaker with the ideal voice for your film – if necessary we will linguistically adapt your advertising copies according to the text. In this way, we ensure an optimal voice direction in order to create the perfect sound for your voice recordings. We will take care of your affairs in a straightforward way!

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How to find the perfect speaker?

Whether you need dubbing actor or a voice-over for a film production – matching to your advertising campaign or your film project, you should choose a speaker who will reproduce exactly what you want to convey. The voice is an important instrument for achieving an advertising effect, as well as an emotional effect. The optimal cast must therefore be found.

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There are many criteria you need to consider for your search. Among other things, you should consider which voice might fit your project. Depending on whether you need a moderator, voice actor or an off-speaker, you can limit the choice accordingly. It also has to be clarified whether you want to cast a female or male voice for your film production. Furthermore, criteria such as the language to be spoken, the pitch or the voice age have to be chosen. Depending on the target group, you should choose a voice appropriately. You can also find a speaker who speaks a particular dialect to bring a certain charm or wit to the film – for example, this would be possible for a regional commercial.

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We are happy to take your budget into account when deploying a suitable speaker for your film production. Ximpix offers fair prices for all price ranges for voice recordings as well as films!

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Are there alternatives to the speaker?

Depending on the project, you can also use a suitable sound design instead of a speaker. A corresponding music can be ideal for a commercial or advertisement. The possibilities in the field of film production are endless, which is why you should get a non-binding consultation with us! In consultation with you, we will clarify which options are available for your project in order to achieve a successful result. With our film productions and video productions we build confidence as well as create moments of happiness in the audience!

Ximpix gladly supports you with the choice of a suitable speaker. We will advise you and find for you the perfect voice for your next project! With our passion as well as fascination for speaking voices, we will help you straightforwardly and in a few steps to find the optimal candidate!

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