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Our creative agency from Hanover shows you the versatility of 3D visualization and illustrates the possibilities/relevance of this stylistic device or tool! Our specialized staff underlines its efficiency, speed and creativity in each and every project. We are known for our straightforward process. Get in contact with us and see for yourself.

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Present your ideas with a photorealistic 3D visualization

New options of presentation arise with 3D visualization and therefore offer new solutions in many fields and sectors – be it for interior design or for product development. With such a 3D visualization, you can contemplate an object from all angles in a virtual space. For this reason, the three-dimensional animation is a popular tool for illustrating ideas, products and visions. Even the inner life of the object can be made visible with 3D visualization.

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How can 3D visualization be used meaningfully?

Photorealistic 3D visualization is not only effective with its impact, but also powerful as a design element. Three-dimensional visualization enables you to quickly captivate your customers and convey or transmit information in a completely new way. The visual stimulus allows viewers to capture, process, and understand the data faster. There are three main areas in which the 3D visualization is mainly used.

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Likewise, 3D visualization is suitable for trade fair stands to demonstrate the product in an extravagant way. Furthermore, it is known that there are so-called product configurators in which customers can have their desired product displayed in 3D to view it from different angles.

Visualizations are also enormously useful in the field of research. Statistics and other data can be better emphasized and illustrated. Relationships between data can also be expressed or illustrated in a pictorial way.

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How does 3D visualization work?

Specifically, the term 3D visualization is a conversion from, for example, a painterly sketch or technical drawings. These are modelled in this context in a corresponding program to three-dimensional objects. This can either be done by free hand or you can import existing data for such photo-realistic 3D visualization.

All the steps that are performed during this modelling are saved individually. These measures are necessary so that subsequent changes are possible. In this way, the parameters can be specifically influenced. After the scene has been created, it is usually rendered to a picture. Generally, you can also export real-time applications of your 3D visualization.

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The advantages of a 3D visualization

You too can take advantage of the benefits of 3D visualization. Our creative team is always ready with fresh and individual concepts. We not only have the necessary know-how, but also have a broad range of expertise to give your visualization the perfect finishing touch!

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