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A moving picture in which objects or bodies are represented in a three-dimensional space is called a 3D animation. As in the case of other films, the animated moving picture is also achieved through several consecutive frames. Though, one-dimensional images can also be placed in three-dimensional space.


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Captivate your viewers and potential customers with a stunning 3D animation filled with exciting content. By means of technical drawings, sketches or data, we can effectively as well as cost-effectively create a photorealistic 3D model. Ximpix is ​​the creative agency that visualizes your ideas and supports you with suggestions for your project! Our trained team draws on a wealth of experience in order to deliver successful results – present your products or ideas with an attractive 3D animation!

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Which application fields are suitable for 3D animation?

Three-dimensional and animated moving pictures not only provide the foundation for all animated films such as, for example, the Minions and Avatar, but also offer countless possible applications in film productions. Benefit from the immense spectrum of 3D animation! Another big field of application for 3D animation is marketing. In the form of advertising or image films, you can use the malleable display to better present your visions and products.

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Above all, the close cooperation with our customers is very important to us. With the technical know-how of our competent specialists as well as our passion for 3D animation, Ximpix creates impressive results together with its customers. Therefore contact us this very day to get comprehensive advice from us on the possibilities of your project and that without any obligation! You can reach us either by phone, by e-mail or via our contact form – we look forward to hearing from you!

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filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-faviconOur team of specialists clarifies different questions about your ideas in advance. Among other things, we ask our customers for existing data and information, e.g. for product photos, 3D data or even sketches. For this purpose, we inquire about the materials to be visualized. Depending on the purpose for which you want to use the 3D animation, we develop a concept that is adapted to your target group. Meanwhile, we put a lot of emphasis on the details you want to highlight. If no data is available, we can also create a concept or undertake research work and work out an effective solution for you.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-faviconWith specialized 3D programs, e.g. Maya or 3ds max, we model objects in a virtual environment and give them physical properties, such as realistic movements or surfaces. But even actions that contradict the laws of physics can be visualized in every way. By means of state-of-the-art techniques, one can also achieve different degrees of complexity. The higher the resolutions and the quality of the results should be, the more elaborate are the renderings/animations regarding time and work. Subsequently, levels in post-production are often put together in animation programs, like for example Nuke, After Effects or Combustion.