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In order to conduct a successful business, precise pre-work and defined procedures have to be planned, which serve as a partial process of media consultation. A media consultant develops both digital and print media to adapt the appearance of your website or other signboards to the corporate identity of your company. Among other things, graphics, images and films belong to the audiovisual means of communication.

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Professional media consulting

We are happy to help you with the use of impressive media to get the most out of your website. With our creative agency from Hanover, you get holistic solutions for online marketing, brand development and search engine optimization. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we have been able to carry out successful projects early on – you too can choose our team! Our results convince you not only in qualitative terms, but also in the sustainability of success!

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The interaction between media for optimal customer communication

Media consulting includes not only the actual advice, but also the analysis, optimization and control of the media choice. The purpose of this process is to drive customer acquisition, as well as to serve and advise them afterwards. Thus, media consulting describes the big picture. First, the current state is investigated and defined. This analysis cannot only be elaborate, but also cost-intensive.

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It is highly relevant to adapt these work steps to the pre-specified advertising budget. Advertising still doesn’t have to be expensive – Ximpix elaborates individual media concepts for you and realizes your project according to your needs. The marketing of your company is often a labour-intensive process. With our creative team you can sit back and relax!

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How does a media consulting proceed?

In addition to sound knowledge in the field of media, knowledge of publicity / advertising is required in order to be able to conduct professional media consulting. Before deploying the measures, an expert or a team of Ximpix analyses the advertising objects. He/she then chooses the means that are suitable for commercialisation. Products, accessories and services are, for example, possible objects. If an objective is defined, a specific target group analysis follows. The media consultant will then carry out the planning and implementation of the campaign. The objects are purchased or created for this occasion. Often reworks in film production – also called post-production – take place in order to create a perfect result.

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As an option, these advertising projects will continue to be supervised by an external agent or agency after successful realisation. Our Hanoverian creative agency Ximpix is made up of experts with an academic background who can create impressive media with a variety of programs. Based on our immense experiences, we also know how to deploy them purposefully and effectively.

Depending on the budget of your project, we also offer the subsequent support of the campaign. We are happy to help you with your future advertising projects! Whether it is for a regional or international project: the Ximpix team is your marketing and media expert!

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