The AdWords campaign as
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Reach more customers through an effective AdWords campaign! The American advertising system has established itself worldwide and is a very common mean on the German market as well. In this so-called AdWords, as a website owner, you can place ads on Google that are primarily intended to gain customers and improve retrievability. They are placed above Google’s organic hit list, the actual results.

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Although such a paid ad is quickly set up, it entails cost-intensive traps – our creative agency from Hanover has many years of experience, from which you too can benefit! Our team members have been able to execute successful projects nationally as well as abroad and therefore offer you tailor-made services at fair prices. We also show you how an AdWords campaign works and what other benefits it entails.

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How does an AdWords campaign proceed?

The process of running an AdWords campaign consists usually of few simple steps: First, it’s important to define an exact objective for your website. Do you want to attract more visitors to your homepage or increase sales? After that, one searches for popular queries or keywords that your audience frequently types into Google. Then select the appropriate keywords on which your ad shall run.

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Obvious Keywords

Keep in mind that common and obvious keywords are also used by many competitors. As a result, these terms are costly in running the ad and may not achieve effective results.

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Validation of the targets

Finally, always check during the campaign to see if your goals for the AdWords campaign have been met. If this is not the case, it makes sense to take other measures. Ximpix will be pleased to advise you on your next project and explain how to present your website in a classy way.

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We attach great importance to creating sustainable results for your online presence as well as your company! Therefore, contact us this very day in order to make use of our reliable service. We are always available for you by phone or e-mail and will gladly answer your questions! You can also fill out our contact form – we will contact you as soon as possible thereafter.

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filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon Oftentimes, Google advertisers not only want to increase the traffic to their site, but they also want users to take certain actions. For example, this means the purchase of a product, the download of files or even the registration for a newsletter. Such user actions are therefore called a conversion. With an easier discovery through an AdWords campaign, more potential customers will get to your homepage.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon For your AdWords campaign, you should analyze how many such conversions you can make with your expenses. The conversions you can achieve with your ads will appear in your AdWords account. From each conversion result costs that are deducted from your campaign budget.
Since an unprofessional handling of Google AdWords can incur high costs, you should consult a professional! Our Ximpix team is made up of trained professionals who tailor advertising campaigns to your needs in close cooperation with you.