Short film production:
Keep it short and sweet!

A short film is a film category that is used in all kinds of genres. As the term already suggests, such a film is accordingly short. As a rule, that short film takes no more than five minutes – although the production can still be elaborate.

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Creativity and skills are inquired!

Skill and creativity are also required in the production, as in a short film usually a completed action is presented. Therefore, it is important to create a well thought-out concept to match the group of stakeholders in order to inspire the audience during these few minutes. Our creative agency Ximpix from Hanover has been operating for years in the field of film production and shows you the advantages of a short film!

How about an animated short film?

What do you need a short film for?

With the help of a target group-specific as well as thoughtful storytelling, certain feelings can be evoked by the audience. Depending on the intention, the viewers in a short film, for example, are being shocked, surprised or even amused. There are no limits to the expressive possibilities of film production, which is why the trend towards short films in the marketing sector is growing.

Short educational videos on the topics of traffic behaviour, alcohol consumption and other problems should shake the viewer in every way, in order thus to give them a thought-provoking impulse. There is also a distinction between a short fiction film, a documentary short film and an animated short film. Depending on the target group, it is possible to choose between different variations.Advertising parodies are often received very positively and spread virally on the net. For such films there are additional viral campaigns that deal with their popularization.

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Our creative agency Ximpix has established itself with many different film projects in the field of film production. We offer our customers the creative and professional realisation of their ideas – be it a parodistic short film or an advertising film. Our production team has produced successful films at the regional and international level. Take advantage of our expertise for your next marketing campaign!

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Short film: revival on the Internet

Through social media platforms, the short film becomes a commonly encountered medium. A commercial is even shorter than a short film but it cannot convey an expressive statement and arouse emotion in those few seconds.

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Large range thanks to social media platforms!

With a good story and an original concept, short films spread rapidly in the World Wide Web and gain enormous reach. For this reason, the short film has been able to reach a significant size on video portals on the Internet such as Vimeo or YouTube. Short films are also available in a variety of cinemas and some private TV channels.

In this way, it is possible to set expressive statements with a short film and to appeal to a broad mass. Whether it is for commercial or other purposes – the application of this film genre is versatile. Can’t decide which type of film you want to use for your next project? We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on your project and help you with your choice. Our competent specialists will be happy to help you!!

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