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In November 2016, after an agreement between YouTube and Gema, thousands of previously banned music videos were unlocked on the video platform. This agreement was important for international music artists, because music videos are an important part of cultural heritage and promotional activities.

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Self-portrayal and advertising purposes

Nowadays, most of the current songs are launched simultaneously with their own video. Music broadcasters such as MTV have quickly established the importance of the music video and disseminated it through broadcast. It is the same whether it is a heavy metal song or a pop ballad: They all have the music video in common. A music video is not merely a means of self-portrayal, but is also used in marketing as an advertising tool. The connection between music video and advertising has been in this context since the early 20th century. The following overview of our creative agency gives you a brief overview of how such a music video is shot.

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Advantages of a music video production

  • A professional music video increases the popularity of your song because it is more commonly shared and usually better rated.
  • Interactive television and video platforms on the internet are searched daily for music videos by millions of music lovers.
  • In addition to radio airplay and the appearance in print media, it is possible to become known with music videos on television and on video portals. An interesting and professionally advised music video can greatly enhance the ongoing distribution of a song.
  • The artistic profile of the artist/band is amplified in a music video and in moving pictures along with the music and the artist’s profile is communicated optimally.
  • The video is an important component in a music production. Every music video also represents to a large extent the self-realisation of the artist. The professional design is simply a part of the music industry – for every modern and contemporary artist/producer who recognizes the signs of the times and knows which competition he/she has to prevail against.
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What equipment do you need for a
music video production?

In the beginning, a music video is the idea from which the final product is to be created. Before you get to the equipment or shooting, the idea of a structure for the music video must be in mind. This idea includes writing down possible locations, a short formulation of scenes, or the decomposing of emotional angles to be used in the later music video. A screenplay is created from these initial ideas.

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Fresh ideas and extravagant  results

During the years, it has been shown that there are no limits to the imagination: the more unusual the idea, the better! We at Ximpix employ a trained production team, which brings both fresh ideas and fancy concepts. Thanks to our long-standing activities in the field of film production and online marketing, we create extravagant or suitable films that meet or even exceed your expectations! Our creative agency operates on a regional, national and international level and offers comprehensive advice on our production!

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