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Lately, the product video is gaining in popularity: a short film that is merely reduced to the advantages of the product. The viewer should not be persuaded by a surprising or witty story, but only with the features of the product.

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Why precisely a product video?

The use pays off in many respects. Both the marketing of a product and the increase in sales can be achieved through a product video. Such a video manages to extend your visitor´s visit duration on your website. It helps the ranking of the site by increasing the visit duration on the product page. In this way there is a greater possibility that visitors will also be viewing other products (complementary products) on the website. By publishing the video on social media platforms, you can direct users to your website and generate more traffic. So invest in an excellent product video in order to take advantage of all the benefits! Establish your image and outline the unique selling propositions of your product. Our creative agency Ximpix from Hanover offers a wide range of film types in the field of film production. Due to the many years of experience of our team, we are your ideal partner for your next image film, commercial or convincing product video!

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Why is the product video so effective?

Today’s buyers are usually impatient in their everyday lives and do not take the time to read, for example, the technical data of the product. Almost always, a film is more appealing in which the special features are placed at the centre of attention. Through creative or extravagant as well as high-resolution images and a stimulating music, a desire is awakened in the customers and users to use this product as well. With a product video, you create a better product presentation for your target group. Your prospects and customers can thus identify themselves better with the advertised product.

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What are the differences between a product video and other types of film?

The product video focuses solely on an objective and authentic way of looking at the product, its features and its fields of applications. Thereby, a product video should not be confused with a commercial or an advertisement. Instead of, for example, advertising slogans, they convince the viewer exclusively with their innovative product. The basic purpose of the product video is, to illustrate the highlights of your product. On the other hand, a product video is also good to free beginners and new customers of initial inhibitions. In these videos you can explain the easy operation or handling of the product to your audience.


How much effort is involved in a product video?

The time and cost involved depends on your ideas and intentions. With 2D or 3D animations, you can create high-quality film sequences and give them a fancy effect. A complex product video also includes a speaker as well as the corresponding background motifs. Depending on your budget, you can create new opportunities for your product to be put in the spotlight!

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