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In today’s digital age, social media is a well-known concept that companies of all sizes are engaged with. Almost every person who has a mobile device also has a profile on the so-called social media platforms. They enable users to share content or create defined groups or communities.

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More reach thanks to entertainment

In particular, media that have a certain entertainment value are often virally distributed on the net. This positive feature of the social media channels also used by marketing departments. To this end, there are numerous advertising strategies that, for example, raise awareness of your company or increase your reputation. Only with the involvement of the specific target group can effective and sustainable results be achieved in this respect.

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A professional Team is required

Our creative agency Ximpix from Hanover consists of an experienced team with an academic background and can demonstrate impressive references in a wide range of fields. With our full-service offer, we cover a wide range in the field of film production, online marketing, brand building as well as search engine optimization. We conveniently and stress-free take care of the realisation of your project, so that you have time for other transactions!

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For which companies is social media marketing important?

In general, it can be said that every company should deal with this subject. With the increasing mobility and use of social media channels, this type of marketing is essential to keep up with the competing advertisers. With this in mind, it has to be clarified for what purpose the online marketing tool should be used.

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The social media marketing implementation

A professional agency or marketing department analyses the company website and other profiles as well as pages in advance to see how to present your company online on the social media platforms from its best side. Depending on the objectives you have set, a competent consultant can implement and achieve the desired objective. It is also crucial to maintain regular and active involvement on the social networks in order to ensure regular contact with the user. Even with your communicative employees, however, you can usually not achieve successful social media marketing.

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Stand out from other competitors

Social media marketing not only deals with simple ads, but also with the professional structure of your company profiles and with the planning of attractions such as sweepstakes, events and more. As with all other marketing strategies, it is very important to differentiate yourself from the competition on the market. To this end, Ximpix develops original concepts for campaigns that are tailored to the objectives of our customers.

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Zusätzlicher Werbefilm für maximale Ergebnisse

With our expertise in the field of film production, we can also offer you the creation of an advertising film, which furthermore provides unique and memorable content for users.

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What trends are there in the social media field?

In particular, video content tends to delight users more than a single image. These combine music with entertaining moving pictures, which allows the film producers to convey emotions to the users. Even more recent and popular is live video content on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. What are these live streams good for? For example, you can have events broadcast live and bring them home to the users who cannot participate. In this way, you arouse interest in your company and promote contact with potential customers.
Another trend topic is the combination of e-commerce and social media. As many users have noticed already, social networks like Facebook offer their users the possibility to purchase products directly from the app. This is a completely new way of selling, which allows you to attract even more customers.


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