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For example, customers can get a glimpse behind the scenes through an image film. Therein, the philosophy of your company is addressed and expressed. Present to your audience your values, history and culture of your company.

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 In this way, you can convey the ambition as well as the competence of your employees to your customers. This in turn gives your viewers more trust in your business and creates a long-lasting bond between you and your customers. In fact, an image film advertises the image of your company in public. Our trained specialists at Ximpix have a wealth of experience in the field of film production and implement film projects perfectly!

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Image film production enables you to effectively build an image

With the image film you precisely create the first impression by giving the audience an insight into the processes of your company for the first time. Convince the audience and shine with your individual strengths. The most important aspects of your company are emphasized in a short image film and resemble a documentary, but in a creative and, at best, in an emotional way.

You do not advertise with direct offers, but introduce your wide range of, or rather, sophisticated goods as well as your services in your image film. Likewise, your employees can demonstrate as well as clarify the philosophy and their motivation in such a film. In practice, an image film production is a kind of digital or audio-visual brochure.

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When producing an image film, the people involved should always work and approach with a target-group-oriented presentation. Therefore, you should bear in mind that an effective corporate communication is being resorted to. These image clips can be used in a variety of ways – be it for a trade fair, your online presence, like the website and the social media networks or an employee training.

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By sharing and liking the videos and images on the Internet, films are increasingly spreading and serve as an optimal marketing tool. They are thus an integral part of online marketing and are eagerly consumed by users. With an image film production, you hence reach a broad mass, which is why you should think about what exactly you want to do with your image film and which target group should be addressed exactly. Our competent production team is not only familiar with the creation of films, but also with content marketing. Because of this, we are specialized in creating target group specific concepts for our films. With that certain charm and your corporate philosophy, we can achieve impressive results!

The rapid evolution of the Internet and technology has thus dramatically improved the quality of films. With this in mind, get professional support from experienced professionals and take advantage of our image film production. Ximpix brings out the maximum of your ideas and imparts them freshness and that certain something!

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