Motion Graphics: creative moving picture through graphic design

Motion Graphics (also called motion design) is usually not a common term among the average consumers, but we all have seen it in various forms already. This term is used in the audio-visual design of moving pictures that are created with typography or the corresponding graphic design. This design discipline is used in all film trailers, prefixes or in the field of advertising. Motion graphics combine the traditional graphic design with audio-visual techniques of the innovative technologies of our digital age.

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Our creative agency from Hanover is more than qualified and perfectly positioned in the field of motion graphics within the field of film production with many years of experience and successfully carried out film projects. Our production team operates on a regional and international level and offers target group specific solutions for all imaginable industries. We are your film consultant and create unique works together with you that not only convey emotions but also have that certain something!

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What is the meaning of motion graphics?

With the evolution of the Internet and the increasing mobility of users, the focus is increasingly on (audio-) visual media. But for your selection of offers, more than just pictures or videos are necessary. Since your products and services are not self-explanatory. In addition to the product video in which the operability is explained by a speaker, motion graphics is the ideal solution for this problem.

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What effects can be generated
with motion graphics?

Especially brand marketing is a major topic in motion graphics. Thanks to a trailer or a prefix with this design element, you can create a recognition value for your company. As with other effects and stylistic means, you can use motion graphics to add extra expression in order to evoke the desired mood in your audience – whether modern, seriously, playfully or charming. The range of options is wide and is therefore a suitable means of visualization. The basic advantage over the other design possibilities lies in the flexibility of the editing.

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What is motion graphics suitable for?

In both the TV and the World Wide Web, the video ranks among the most popular medium. Due to the increasing popularity of films as advertising media, many companies benefit from the use of motion graphics. With these graphics you not only reach a wide age range, but also present your product or company logo in an appealing way. Especially through the Internet, you can disseminate your image film, commercial or product video quickly and efficiently.

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Therefore, underline your company brand with the right motion graphics! Our experienced specialists have been involved early on in the successful implementation of films for various purposes and for a wide range of customers. To achieve this, we develop customized and tailor-made concepts for your target group in order to deliver successful results. With our creativity as well as our immense expertise, we integrate your message entertainingly, emotionally and efficiently in a film. With that certain something, we create no product off the shelf, but unforgettable moments! Ximpix is your consultant for your next film or advertising campaign – we will be happy to advise you in a non-binding conversation about your project. You can reach us for this purpose either by phone, e-mail or via our contact form!

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