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Thanks to the rapid development of film production technologies, films are turning into reality. The well-known 360-degree videos push the boundaries of a screen and allow viewers to immerse themselves in impressive environments. For such videos, there are already many applications because they hold considerable potential.

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Increasing popularity in social networks!

Especially in social networks, these all-around films are gaining in popularity and are much appreciated. In this regard, in addition to traditional copywriting and images, they represent a more effective online marketing method. They stand out particularly in the newsfeed and encourage viewers to watch. In today’s mobile oriented culture, users are thrilled with 360-degree videos and enable emotions with the unrestricted view. You too can take advantage of the benefits of film production and find out for yourself!

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Lifelike with the WOW effect

Whether it is for an image film, a music production or a product video in your film production – with a 360 degree video we create a multi-dimensional result for the audience that comes across more realistic than ever before. Our creative agency Ximpix from Hanover has been involved in the production of all-round 360 degree videos since 2008. At a time where no one had been talking about a 360 degree video, we were already trying to bring this technique to the general public. Our standards are accordingly high and we therefore use the most innovative as well as the most demanding techniques for our work. For a 360-degree video we draw on our many years of expertise, from which you can benefit as well.

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Elaborate rework in the 360 degree film production

Producing such 360 degree videos is a big challenge for many producers and production teams. Generally, the most up-to-date equipment and techniques as well as the latest programs are necessary for post-production to achieve a successful work.

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Freedom of decision for the viewers

The viewer is given the choice to decide for himself/herself on a part of the film. That’s why it’s even more important to keep an overview of the production and to have a trained eye for details.

Mainly, the effort for the post-production is very high, because all single images have to be joined together afterwards to a single 360-degree video. Only then can the editing be done with the classic steps like rendering, colour grading and stitching. As a rule, fine corrections are also made in the close range in order to obtain a noteworthy result.

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Our creative agency Ximpix from Hanover with its practical experience is your ideal partner for the production of a 360-degree video! We would be happy to advise you comprehensively on your project and straightforwardly produce a complete film for you. From the first ideas to the actual realization of the video, our production team is ready for you. With our high-quality equipment and our experience, we will conjure up in the twinkling of an eye a breathtaking and unforgettable 360-degree video! Feel free to contact us either by phone, by e-mail or via our contact form. Our trained staff will be happy to answer your questions!

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