2D animation offers an
unlimited visualization possibility

2D animation breaks the boundaries of a static image, giving you even more design options for your film production. The term animation comes from Latin and means “to bring to life”. Like a real movie, 2D Animation also creates a moving image by lining up multiple frames.

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Presentation with a 2D animation!

The animated film, which usually is one to two minutes long, allows the film producer to present everything – even processes that contradict the laws. In this way, you can completely redesign yourself. Flat, one-dimensional logos are almost always animated two-dimensionally at the end of a film.

Present your idea, logo, philosophy or even your company through a 2D animation! Our creative agency from Hanover draws on a wide range of experience and develops fresh and original concepts for you. Our production team has been able to inspire viewers early on with regional, national and international film projects. Invest in your image and you will receive an effective and sustainable result that will make for unforgettable moments.

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Create new stimuli with 2D animation!

In addition to the strong entertainment value, 2D animation is a diversification from live action and thus provides more stimuli to the eye. These are intuitively easy to process and are especially popular on social media platforms and present as well. An advantage of the Internet: the autonomous and rapid dissemination. Film production with 2D support sets you apart from your competitors, allowing you to expand your reach and attract more potential customers.

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Animate your movie production

How about an animation in your corporate film/film production? Convince your potential customers with your corporate philosophy by packaging the 2D animation into an emotional storytelling. With a successful implementation you move your viewers and give them an understanding of your company´s facts.

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Maximal support with Ximpix!

Whether it´s for a recruiting video or a trade fair film – 2D animation is appreciated everywhere. Together with our creative agency Ximpix we will find a solution for your request!With our cutting-edge techniques and the creative zeitgeist of our team members, we endow your film production with a soul! We inspire and engage your viewers with unique portrayals, giving the film wit and charm! Contact our production team this very day and we will advise you non-bindingly on your project!

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filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Our trained team with an academic background offers you the opportunity to realize your expectations and ideas on a creative and technical level for your film production. We tailor our film production to your budget and deliver results that exceed your expectations very often. From 2D to photorealistic 3D animation, we provide our customers with the full spectrum and produce films at fair prices.

We create moving films with animations in classic style or with special effects. In doing so, we completely comply with the needs of our customers and the expectations of the viewer. Depending on which effect you want to achieve, we can suggest suitable concepts and ideas.