Aerial photographs as a highlight in film production

The so-called stabilized aerial photographs in film production refer to a technique to record certain motifs, such as a terrain or a landscape, from the bird’s eye view without camera shake.

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Increasing use of aerial photographs

 This photographic and technical genre is suitable for any kind of film production in order to obtain impressive aerial photos and aerial views. For this reason, aerial photographs are becoming more and more popular and are increasingly being used. Ximpix changes perspectives and creates sensational aerial photographs and aerial images that make things look completely different from above. Convince yourself of the versatile use of aerial photography and aerial photos.

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aerial photographs for building projects

Expressive aerial photographs

We from our creative agency in Hanover can also use this technique for your film production. To this end, we offer our customers a wide variety of aircraft, such as a hexocopter, octocopter, Cessna or a helicopter. Through our stabilized film recordings you will always get “smooth pictures”, which can amaze your customers as well as employees! So take advantage of the possibilities of film production and let your film shine with new perspectives and a unique visual imagery! This way you can create a recognition value with the sensational aerial photographs of your company. Ximpix provides your film with wings in the truest sense of the word and lets your audience soar to impressive heights!

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Obtain impressive aerial photographs/aerial pictures with a good planning!

The decisive factor for successful aerial photos and aerial photographs in the film production is the coordination between the photographer and the pilot. Upfront, planning or aerial manoeuvres that should be deployed are to be clarified. During the shooting, well-coordinated flights and perfect timing are crucial for capturing the desired motifs.

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For which occasions are aerial photographs suitable?

Aerial photographs can be used in films of any kind. One area of application would be private events, such as a commercial or an image film, short film, music video production, a press video and much more! In particular for an image film production, aerial photography is a must-have in order to not only present the interior of your company, but also the entire area of your company. Other areas for which such aerial photography is suitable are also music videos or event marketing.

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Various options and uses

We recommend the production of aerial photographs and aerial photos also for documentary films. As you can see, such film recordings can be used variedly in order to present landscapes, terrain, buildings or various kinds of events in a novel way. Because nothing is impossible with today’s technology – our creative agency is committed to your ideas! With our aerial photographs and other services, we also help you with the marketing of real estate and in doing so work with passion!

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