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But what exactly is e-commerce? This abbreviation stands for the term electronic commerce and refers to the all electronic trade. This includes activities in which the purchase or sale of articles or services takes place via so-called electronic connections. However, customer support as well as providing online banking are part of the e-commerce sector.

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Companies of all kinds rely on e-commerce

Whether it is for a traditional company or a start-up: Nowadays you can no longer do it without e-commerce. Digital online trading offers your customers the option of being able to place orders easily from anywhere, with only a few mouse clicks. You too can benefit from e-commerce Hanover and use the possibility to offer your services or products via the Internet. Furthermore, you can inform your customers optimally about your company or something similar and that without having to meet in person!

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Targeted planning and collaboration in e-commerce for optimal results

For online trading, not only the actual shop is required. To achieve a successful result, your online presence should be appropriately known. Since only through skilful marketing you can reach enough customers and animate them for shopping. We from Ximpix from Hanover develop advertising strategies that are individually tailored to you – whether through search engine marketing (SEM) or even affiliate marketing. Our creative agency helps you to attract more customers. For an optimal implementation, we rely on targeted planning in order to facilitate you with a smooth process. Together and in close cooperation with you, we create a concept that merges your needs with our expertise. This is the only way to guarantee success and thus in turn increase your sales in the online shop as well.

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Profit from E-Commerce

Our talented and competent team draws on an immense range of experience and, besides that, can offer countless references as well. Therefore, you can count on our creative agency – we implement your online shop in a simple and convenient way according to your ideas!

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What advantages does e-commerce offer?

In particular, the enormous cost saving compared to stationary commerce is probably the greatest advantage. For example, there are no costs for renting the commercial space or for the sales staff. Moreover, you can lower your selling prices to attract more customers and encourage them to buy.

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More advantages!

Shopping via the World Wide Web offers users and potential buyers the opportunity to go through your entire product range without having to pay attention to opening hours. Furthermore, not all companies or shops can be found locally, which is why more and more users are discovering online shops for themselves. The products arrive directly at the customer’s home after the order has been made, which brings a further benefit to the users.

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Why is it worth to have an additional online shop for stationary retail?

Likewise, a local retail store can have advantages that an online shop does not have. In a store, customers can be advised in detail by the sales staff. You can also look at a variety of products in physical form and test the functions. However, prices in online trading are often lower, which is why many customers only use the advice they obtain from the local business – without buying any products. In many cases, these are then purchased through the Internet.

Because of this, it would be reasonable to link both models together in order to achieve the maximum. With such a combination, you can thus benefit from the advantages of both possibilities. Get in touch with Ximpix this very day to get comprehensive advice from our creative team – we’ll show you how to optimize and improve your website and your sales!

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