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Freedom of design with the film studio and our production team for your film production

The film studio is located in the north of Hanover, which we use for blue and green screen recordings. Equipped with a cyclorama and infinity coves, the studio is suitable not only for film productions, but also for photo shoots. With a size of 55,8ft x 54,9ft x 22,0ft (D x W x H), the green screen offers an area of 3068ft², therefore enough space for all kinds of film shots. Even large objects, such as vehicles or the like, can be photographed. On request we can have the film studio painted completely blue, white or green. The associated dry time should be observed in each case.

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The entire studio complex is more than 10,760ft² with a lounge and conference room. There is also a kitchen including a coffee machine, as well as a fully equipped make-up room for make-up artists. Internet access, Wi-Fi and a TV are also available to you.


Size of the green screen:

3.068ft² (D | W | H: 55.8 ft x 54.9 ft x 22.0 ft)

Basic illumination of the film studio:

4 space lights for areal illumination

Sound recordings:


Camera crew / equipment:

on request 

Changing room for performers: 

available (including make-up places)

Conference room: 


Internet and Wi-Fi:


Parking spaces: 

right in front of the film studio (truck parking spaces)

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What is a blue screen and green screen?

These different screens are used for colour-based image release (chroma keying). It is a common technique in television and film technology and allows subsequent editing of the background. You can use both real film recordings and a computer graphic therefore.
As a result, the use of a blue key colour is called blue-box technique or blue screen technique. Similarly, the use of a green background is well known under the terms green-box or green screen technology.

With the large-scale green screen in our film studio you can implement versatile film projects – there is no limit to creativity! Our competent and professional film team is always ready for your next film production. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop original concepts with our film ideas workshop, which not only radiates the necessary esprit, but also has that certain something. This allows you to leave an impression on your potential customers and viewers!


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