The trade show film as the ultimate portfolio

Through a trade show film you can draw the attention of visitors to your stand. The film offers you the chance to get into a direct conversation with the visitors or prospective customers. With a trade show film you can brilliantly present your products and services in an elegant manner without them being actually exhibited on your stand.

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As in any film production, you can give your imagination free rein and arouse the interest of your audience with a successful video or film! With our experienced professionals from the creative agency Ximpix we support your exhibition stand and draw all eyes on you!

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Why is the trade show film the optimal medium?

The trade fair is an ideal platform for customer acquisition. Through a successful trade fair appearance you address a broad mass and differentiate yourself from your competitors. For such a success, meticulous planning for the trade show film is required, for which a professional production team is the ideal for your company. We at Ximpix, a creative agency from Hanover, are active in regional, national and international fields. Our expertise is based on years of experience in the field of film production, which resulted in a large number of successful films. Because of this, we are your ideal contact partner for your film production. Focusing on specific target groups, we create optimal concepts in coordination with our customers and conjure up successful and smooth results in high-resolution quality with our original ideas!

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Target group specific trade show film production

Since the trade fair visitors come from a wide variety of ethnic groups and ages, it is necessary to find a suitable solution for the mainstream. This means, for example, that you should include your trade show film with English subtitles, or record it entirely in English. Another option would be to present a silent film, as it is usually very noisy at trade fairs. At some trade fair events, however, there are resting places with a so-called stand cinema. In this case, a film with neutral music would be suitable.

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Give the audience stimulus!

Due to the limited time available to the visitors of the trade fair, the film should give the audience an stimulus within the first minute to look at the stand and get informed. In order to achieve this, you should look for a film producer that highlights your company’s core statements in a trade show film, ideally with a coherent and unique concept.

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Ximpix is composed of an experienced team with academic training and therefore offers you films that are more than satisfying to your requirements! Feel free to contact us via e-mail, phone or the contact form below.

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filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-faviconThe trade show film refers to a film production of any kind that mainly serves the trade fair event. This can include, among others things, a recruiting or product video, an image film, as well as a commercial. For example, you can find productions at an industrial fair such as a short commercial or even a 30-minute corporate film. Each film type can arouse interest among visitors. It is important to have a good concept to facilitate contact with fair visitors.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-faviconThe diverse marketing possibilities of a trade fair make it an all-round talent. They allow you to appeal to visitors with a wide range of different motives. Participation in a trade fair therefore requires comprehensive planning in order to fully exploit the potential of the trade fair. In order to successfully carry out the trade fair appearance, you should consider the trade show film as a means. Those can be played continuously throughout the entire trade fair, for example, on oversized screens to attract attention to your stand.