The trailer production
summarizes your highlights!

In the field of video game and film production, trailers are used to show the viewer a summary of the highlights. To this effect, a trailer is intended to arouse the interest of the audience and thus draw attention to the actual film.

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Profit by a trailer!

Such trailers can be found mainly as advertising on websites, social networks and also in cinemas. Such a compilation should be published some time before the premier of e.g. a feature film to arouse the curiosity of the crowd. The short film length of one and a half up to a maximum of two minutes allows the trailer to be viewed and disseminated quickly. For this reason, a trailer is the perfect means to promote a feature-length film or a video game. Our team from Hanover not only implements regional projects, but also in the international field. We will show you how the trailer production can be useful to you!

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The trailer as advertising medium

The big advantage of a trailer is mainly that it is one of the lower-priced advertising variants. A commercial is a more cost-intensive undertaking. In addition, the trailers have a much higher click-through rate on the internet in contrast to other online advertising. Like other films as well, trailers are a more efficient means of advertising than mere texts or images. With an impressive sound and thrilling images, viewers immerse themselves in a fascinating world. In this way, you get a glimpse of the true film and an incentive to watch it as well.

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Why a trailer production if you already have a film for your advertising campaign?

In this sense, a trailer represents advertising for the advertising. In this way, viewers and customers will be informed about the film or product in a short time. If you only advertise your product, company or services with a longer film, most viewers would lose interest quickly.

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Fascinate the viewers!

By means of trailers, viewers are encouraged to watch the actual movie. In our day and age, people are always mobile, so it makes sense to present the information in a short, crisp and concise way in a smart trailer video. Additionally, the appropriate sound ensures the right suspense, which in turn expresses your product or your actual film. The first film seconds therefore are decisive for the success of such a trailer and the related paragraph or the like. To give your customers a positive impression, viewers are already captivated from the first second onward and touched on an emotional level.

Our experienced and creative team at Ximpix filters out the most important of the information overload in order to develop your trailer for use on the cinema screen, on television or on social media platforms in an impressive and concise way. With our professional equipment and the expertise of our production team we create breathtaking and high-quality results. With wit and charm we optimally implement your ideas and give your film that certain something!

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