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A special form in online marketing

Video marketing is one of the best content marketing strategies. This medium can be quickly shared and may expand the reputation of your company. According to statistics, the second largest search engine in the world is the video portal YouTube, which lists about three billion views every day. To make your videos easier to find, you should provide the video post with the appropriate keywords, title and description.

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Our film production from Hanover operates in the regional and international field. Especially in the field of online marketing and film production, we are more than just qualified and specialized. With its unique and inspiring concepts, our production team creates effective results that appeal to your target group on an emotional level. In this way, you will create unforgettable moments for your potential customers, which sticks in their mind for a long time and therefore also in association with your company!

The online video marketing, which has been naturalised under the term video marketing, refers to the use of cinematic media on the Internet. In particular, they are suitable for the presentation of your offered products and services in the field of PR and marketing. For those who rely on online marketing, the advertising media video can’t be ignored any longer – thereby, you can convey comprehensive information within just a few seconds or put your product into the spotlight. In video marketing, you upload the medium to as many video platforms as possible in order to gain reach. These different pages or profiles are regularly maintained by an editorial or agency so that users don’t lose interest and attention to your company.

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Social Media

Other social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and the like, have also recognized the potential of the video and offer the ability to upload video clips. Thus, social networks are become the main instrument for video marketing and in particular for online marketing. Have you discovered advantages of video marketing for yourself? Then you should contact us this very day to get advice and support from our competent team!

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Video marketing - the advertising medium par excellence

The versatile video is increasingly becoming the main medium, which covers the user’s entertainment and information needs. You as a company, you can interact with prospects and thus potential customers in a completely new way using a video. At the same time, you strengthen your brand in by representing your corporate philosophy. To fully exploit the benefits of video marketing, you should clarify some questions about this before you start creating. First, think about which target group you want to reach with the video. The advertising message should also be thought through in advance and also how you can successfully integrate the medium into your campaign or advertising strategy. You should also consider the type of film that matches your main statement and your objective.


Your advantages!

  • PR & Marketing
  • Brand building
  • Introduction of products and services
  • Sales increase
  • Customer loyalty
  • Search engine optimization

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What incentives and objectives can be achieved with video marketing?

With the impressive moving pictures you can create completely different dimensions of attention in contrast to mere texts as well as graphics or pictures. With a targeted video marketing, in which you deal with the medium and the platforms, these can be used in different ways. Depending on the target you are doing the marketing for, there are various options of implementation. For example, you can use a product video to increase your sales or give your customers a glimpse “behind the scenes”. Often videos are used on websites to increase your visitor’s visit duration. This increases the likelihood that users will be willing to browse your assortment.

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No limits to creativity

There are no limits to creativity – but you should bear in mind that only an experienced production team can create a successful video for you. Our creative specialists have already succeeded in realizing countless film projects and are qualified in all respects with their immense background of experience. No matter what industry, Ximpix offers the optimal solutions for your project! Start your video production this very day.

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