The creation of a blog allows you to present your content dynamically!

You too can complete your website optimally with a creation of a blog – you can establish direct contact with your customers in contrast to a classic website. Create free blog posts with content such as newspaper articles about your company or tutorials on specific products. Another advantage of creating a blog is that you can make an effective contribution to search engine optimization through increasing content.

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You want to have your blog created by a professional? Enjoy creative freedom with the service of Ximpix! We customize your blog according to the design of your website and show you what really matters. The modern structure of your web blog should appeal to users and convince them. Due to our immense spectrum of experience, you receive comprehensive services that not only offer your website added value for the visitor, but also sustainably improve the discoverability of your online presence!

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Why can a blog help you get a better Google ranking?

Contents that inform the users comprehensively are assessed positively by the well-known search engine Google. With a blog, you actually do that and can bring your products, services but also your company closer to potential customers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) addresses all the actions that are taken to make your site rank higher in Google results.

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With the help of our professional team, you can write effective content because there are many factors to consider when optimizing your website for search engines. The creative agency Ximpix from Hanover has already been able to carry out successful projects for many companies and helps you to build your brand as well as to improve your Internet presence! Link your customers to your company with blog posts of all kinds – this applies to both new and old customers. The blog is a unique and individual presentation platform that you too should use. Hand in hand with you, we develop the right blog for your company or project and enable you to interact directly with customers.

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Can a blog be run on any existing budget?

This question can be easily answered – Ximpix can realize such a professional implementation on any budget. We can offer you different service packages. Contact us this very day to get detailed advice from us! Furthermore, we use the corporate design of your website for your blog to achieve a harmonious result. We would be happy to get an accurate picture of your online presence and point out for you where there is a need for optimization.

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From the initial conception to the maintenance!

From the initial conception to the maintenance of your web blog, you do not have to worry – we take care of your project, so that you can easily devote yourself to other activities. Our full-service agency supports you throughout the entire process and shows you alternatives as well as effective solutions for your project!

Are you uncertain and have questions? No problem – our competent employees are always at your disposal. In case you have already created a blog, we can analyze it for you for strengths and weaknesses and tell you whether a changeover of your blog would be worthwhile. With our versatile agency you get an implementation according to your individual ideas and blog entries. For the long-term support of your blog, our specialized team is your proper point of contact!

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