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The advertisement film is defined by its stem “advertise”. The object being advertised can be a product, a service, a company or, for example, a city. In contrast to an image film production, the objective of an advertisement film is to create new and clear incentives in the marketing sector that are intended to increase the sale of a product.

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Often the “advertisement film” and the “commercial” are used as a synonym in everyday use. However, the difference between these two genres of advertising lies in their length. A commercial is limited in this respect to a maximum of 90 seconds, while an advertisement film can be quite a few minutes long. In addition, the advertisement film is often used in online marketing. We from the creative agency Ximpix from Hanover consist of a trained team, which can demonstrate an academic background in order to go in depth into the film production of your advertisement film. We’ll show you how you can stand out with an advertisement film!

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Advertising occupies an elementary place in human communication. In our fast and short-lived world, however, it is increasingly difficult to attract and retain the attention of the viewers. It is even more difficult to stay in the memory of potential customers for long enough. Advertising that entertains is becoming more popular and necessary for the advertiser. The focus in such an advertisement film is initially on the added value of the product in relation to the needs of the target group. But for a lasting impression, individual storytelling is needed. The Coca-Cola advertising at Christmas is legendary and even without repetition on each Christmas has stuck in our minds just like McDonalds’ “we lovin’ it”. And most recently, Apple’s old earphones advertising has been trundled out for the new bluetooth earphones advertising on the Internet. The long lifespan of these advertisement films is not by chance. To the expensive live-action film productions combined with image creation, more and more animated explainer videos or Internet trends are being added. Creativity can be given free rein.

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At first glance, it does not seem to be an easy task to set such a significant statement. Our experienced team of Ximpix actively advises and supports you in this matter. For years, we have been supporting our customers from a wide range of industries with film productions adapted to their needs. We realize regional up to international film projects for our customers. Whether commercial, short film or image film, we accompany you professionally before, during and after production. Convince yourself of the quality of our advertisement film productions and perhaps you will already find an idea for your own advertisement film. Otherwise you can, of course, continue to browse through our provided range of films. You can reach us simply by phone, e-mail or via our contact form.

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In this day and age, 13,000 advertising messages are produced daily alone. Here too, the commercial is the viewer’s favourite. A study by the Stuttgart Media University shows that the optimal length of a commercial is under 18 seconds. Every second that exceeds that, is given less and less attention. All things considered: The shorter and more unique a commercial, the greater the delivery rate of the advertising message.

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The future of marketing: the Internet

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or own company websites – the advertisement film spreads on the internet. Social media platforms offer an ever-increasing reach. While watching TV and cinema, you have to keep an advertisement in your head for a long time, you can be forwarded directly by a single click on the Internet. In contrast to television and cinema, smaller companies also have the opportunity to present their advertisement film in a targeted and inexpensive way to the target group. We at Ximpix are happy to help you with the implementation of your ideas and provide your film with the necessary esprit and wit!

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filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   A high-quality advertisement film presents the professionalism of your company and attracts customers to your offer by means of conveying emotion. Ways to reach the target group are manifold. Whether on the Internet, on your company DVD or blue-ray DVD, or even at a customer presentation, everywhere an advertisement film can convincingly, vividly and to the desired extent emotionally convey to the viewer the values and offers of your company. Thereby, the desired message is transmitted within seconds.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon In this way you can use an advertisement film to bring your company, your service or your offer closer to the customer and present your company from its best side. The advertisement film is international. It carries you and your offer to your potential customers in every branch of the world, allows you insights into the company or promotes interest in or desire for your service. Although the advertisement film is not an image film, it is primarily used for image development. A product that awakens positive feelings in the customer will sell better.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon The marketing of your product or service is accordingly associated with image and brand development. This is another important characteristic of the advertising film: Conveying emotions is more important in an advertisement film than, for example, in a training or image film. The difficult point is that the advertising must achieve a lasting effect on the audience within seconds. The content and length of an advertisement film can vary greatly and cause a loss of focus. Accordingly, the focus of an advertising film on your offered product or service and the inclusion of your target group in the advertisement film are therefore important.