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In addition to the enormous cost savings, the low scatter loss of advertising strategies via the Internet is another advantage of online marketing. With today’s techniques you can also get information about your users, e.g. from which federal states they visit your website or how long the visit duration on your corporate website is. By means of this extensive analysis you can measure the success of your homepage. In the event of a failure, you can use this to cancel campaigns in time in order to save additional unnecessary costs. The usual advertising media, on the other hand, are not capable of this.

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9 advantages of a film production

Film productions have existed since the invention of the video camera, which has revolutionized the way we exchange information of all kinds with each other. Nowadays it is hard to imagine a world without it and it has become part of everyday life. When did you last go without seeing any film sequence or video during several days? In order to transmit content to the user via the Internet, there are mainly three types. These would be the written (e.g. blog), voice recording (e.g. podcast) and video content. The video/film is the most comprehensive and effective way to transmit information. Since the human brain processes and stores information mainly in images, video content triggers the strongest reactions and emotions from the viewer. Following there are listed nine advantages that characterise film production.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   More attention through film production

Attention is the new currency on the Internet. For institutions, companies or artists, it has always been a crucial factor to get sufficient attention in order to reach right customers and increase sales. Due to the rapid increase in internet usage, it is now possible for anyone to put content online and thus make it available globally. As a result, companies need to use other and more effective methods to address the attention of potential customers and to prevail against the competition. To achieve this, a successful video/film is the best choice. Since videos/films are preferred by users to text, pictures or audio, because this variant is more entertaining, can convey more information and requires the least concentration. One thing should be considered, however. In order for the viewer not to regret watching the video, the video should always provide an added value to the viewer.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon    Possibility of viral diffusion

Film productions rather tend to be shared by users. Thus, this increases the chance to spread virally. Whether or not a video goes viral will always depend on several factors. In any case, it is a very effective method for companies to be seen. On the one hand, the sharing users act as ambassadors of your own video content and on the other hand, this distribution is target-specific, as it would not be shared otherwise.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Video content opens new doors

By creating your own film production, you can present your company on additional platforms. By uploading your video content to platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, you can win a new audience or reach your audience in a different way. At this point it is also worth mentioning that videos/films work very well on Facebook ads. The advantage of Facebook ads is that you can narrow down your target audience very specifically. However, in order for your campaign to be successful, the video should have an appealing advertising content, which in the best case also provides an entertaining or informative added value to the user.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Why is video content being better remembered?

A film production always addresses several senses at once. Thus, the brain creates several bridges or synapses during the processing of the film. Consequently, the seen content remains not only longer, but also more firmly anchored in ones memory. Conversely, this also works for avoiding this effect. For example, have you ever covered your eyes to avoid seeing a scene from a horror movie? Especially companies use this effect for their advantage in order to anchor themselves in the memory of potential customers. Of course, in this case, film production should first and foremost evoke positive emotions. In this way, positive emotions are associated with the respective company.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   There can only be one first impression

If your own website has its own film production, this is usually the first thing that the website visitor is paying attention to. This can be because the visitor is currently comparing suppliers or service providers on the internet and wants to be informed through the respective website as quickly and conveniently as possible. As a result, the visitor first clicks on the offered film and gets an impression of the company. As you know, the first impression usually remains and is difficult to change. Through a successful film you can make a precise influence on this important first impression.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Improve your Google ranking through a film production
If there is a film production on your homepage, it is very likely that your visitors will see it. This can arouse the interest of the user to continue to look around on your homepage and ideally execute a desired action. What does the film now has to do with the Google ranking? Quite simply, the film will make the visitor stay longer on your website. The visit duration is an important criterion for the Google ranking, as is the number of pages clicked on a website.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Addressing the emotions of the viewers
People are emotional beings. We make many of our daily decisions based on our emotions or our gut feeling. Through a film production, you can touch the audience on this emotional level by allowing the viewer to identify with the video. But how do you manage to let the viewer identify with the video content? One possibility is to choose a performer who exactly fits the target group. Furthermore, the video/film can present everyday situations or problems, whit which the target group has to cope with as well. In addition, there is the possibility to arouse certain emotions within the viewers trough pictures or music.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   A film production can consolidate the prestige of a company
The online presence of a company is crucial for its prestige. Often the online presence is the first impression a potential customer receives from a company. If the website contains a video/film, this is usually the item with the most work, expression and passion in it. In this way, the video is used by the user to estimate the professionalism and seriousness of the company to a certain extent. In a way, the website and its media in the Internet world can be compared to the business premises of the physical world. Thus, a film production can also be compared with a physical investment, which has the aim to make a positive and professional impression on potential customers. It is also an investment for the future.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Film sequences can be used multiple times
All film recordings that are recorded during a film production can be saved and adapted for further film projects. For example, you can change the voice over, change the music, or combine it with new film sequences. Especially here high-quality film recordings are all the more important, so that they can be used effectively and convincingly in several film types, such as in an image film, product film or explainer video.

10 advantages of an image film
More and more companies are using an image film as an advertising measure. And not least because of the steadily falling costs of film productions. Those who nowadays want to leave a lasting impression develop their brand or clearly differentiate themselves from competing companies, hardly can do so without the production of such a film. Such a film goes a little further than a corporate film, which in addition to factual information also features the company’s image and acts informatively and suggestively on the viewer. The following is a closer look at ten key benefits of an image film.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Many fields of application for an image film
In comparison to a commercial, an image film is versatile and can be used for various purposes. Besides the publication on your homepage, there are numerous other possible applications. In addition, this film can be used on various video platforms, in the waiting room, in the customer area, at trade fairs, in company presentations, on social networks, internally within the company or even for employee acquisition. This makes such a film an extremely sustainable investment.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Enjoyable to watch
An image film is practically advertising for your company, but without this pushy connotation of a commercial. A classic commercial tends to be more offensive and intrusive in its tonality. An image film, on the other hand, aims to inform its viewers and to convey positive emotions and values as well. It is not a direct purchase request, but rather interesting information, inspiring imagery or a compelling corporate philosophy that is packed into an impressive and moving video material. Since only through such a video, viewers will be willing to share it and thus to disseminate it on the Internet.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Show greatness and professionalism
With an image film you can convey the right values and use language to give the audience a reliable and professional impression of your company. In this respect, the film is like a flagship for your company, as it is usually the first thing that users will see when they are on your homepage. This also encourages customer trust and can thus eliminate any doubts. The sole impression, which the film makes, causes users to classify your products or services with a higher quality. Users are therefore more willing to invest in your services or products. This will also allow you to address a different type of customer who you might not have been able to convince of your offer before. That leads us straight to the next point.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Reach top customers
No matter which industry your company is in, you want customers who are interested in a long-term relationship and willing to pay well for your products or services. Especially if you offer products of different quality segments, are active in the B2B sector or offer individual services, it is desirable to have customers who generate large or regular sales, require demanding projects and enable your company to grow. So, when you’re producing the video for your business, consider that it can bring you great value in the near future by attracting the right customers.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   What is your unique selling proposition as a company?
An image film should answer this question in particular. Such a film has the potential to put the unique features of your company or its products/ services in the spotlight. Thus, they can clearly differentiate yourself from the competition and therefore be remembered much better by your potential customers. So before you start a film production, you should think carefully about what makes your offer unique and what the strengths of your product or services are. These characteristics should not change overnight, but rather should be unique features that can be used to identify your company also in future. This is also helpful to narrow down your target group, which leads us to the next point.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Address your target audience
Based on carefully selected stylistic means, you can produce an image film that directly addresses your target audience. With the appropriate story line, music, scenes, voice and tonality, you can create a film that can have an attracting effect on your target audience. Your corporate philosophy, which is conveyed directly or indirectly through the film, should be appealing to your target group as well.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   A long-term investment
An image film is usually a timeless film that represents the values and impressions of a company over several years. Unlike advertising that refers to a particular product or promotion, such a film is usually designed to be very timeless. In case the company values and certain information change fundamentally, one can refer to the film in the future in order to document and illustrate the company’s development. However, a professionally shot film material can also be used in the future and adjusted as needed.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Improved ranking by Google
Generally, websites with video content get a better ranking from Google. This is partly due to the fact that the average length of the visit duration increases significantly as the visitors take the time to watch the video. Video content also represents a greater added value for users, which can be another reason for the better ranking. However, Google does not announce the exact ranking algorithms. So if your company has lots of competitors in within your industry and area, then it’s best to produce an image film in order to appear higher on Google’s search results.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Comparatively low costs
In addition to the already mentioned sustainability of the investment and the wide range of application fields, an image film can nowadays be produced at a fraction of the cost, compared to ten years ago. Technology costs are constantly declining, with the performance of technology and software continually improving. In addition, the increasing demand for such film productions means that there are more and more agencies specialising in film productions that are already experienced in producing such films. Therefore, it is highly recommended to work with a professional partner in the film production.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   An image film goes beyond the borders of language
Through an image film, you can convey content and emotions that would not get across by the mere use of linguistic language. According to the generally known concepts that a picture says more than a thousand words and that music is the language of feelings. This audiovisual means, therefore, uses a more universal language of images and emotions, which enables you to reach people with different mother tongues.

9 advantages of an explainer video

An explainer video is usually an animated film with the objective to explain a product, service or concept in a brief, precise and simple way. As is well known, a picture says more than 1000 words, so a film can convey content in the most comprehensive sense. The production of such videos has increased considerably in recent years and is also being used by small and medium-sized companies more and more. The following are nine key advantages of explainer videos.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Show your personality
In order for customers to return, it is crucial that they can identify with your company. Therefore express your personality. Especially on the Internet, this is all the more important because potential customers do not usually have any personal contact with your company. By connecting your product or service with your company personality, you give your product/ service a unique selling point and encourage the user to become your customer. This is exactly what is possible with such a film, as it usually involves human and emotional aspects that the viewer can identify with. That leads us straight to the next point.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Building a connection through emotional storytelling
The emotional storytelling is characteristic of explainer videos. The aim is that the spectators can strongly identify themselves with the film and thus pay attention to it. Because only in this way do you really touch your viewers on an emotional level. The viewer can identify not only with the performer, but also with a situation or problem that is all too well known to the viewer. This staging opens up completely new possibilities to influence the state of excitement of the viewer. For example, different perspectives or viewpoints can be used so that the viewer can put himself/ herself into different situations or persons. Another popular means is to incorporate several of the five senses into the video.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   How can an explainer video enhance the customer experience?
One thing we unfortunately forget too often. A customer never buys only one product or service, but the entire purchase experience associated with it. This includes all contact points between the customer and your company, before purchase, during purchase and after purchase. This can be well illustrated by the following example. Suppose you go to a great restaurant that you like. You find the furnishing inspiring, the view stunning, the food delicious, the music fitting and the waiter very entertaining and helpful. The product here is not only the dish that you get served on your plate, but all the aspects that motivate you to visit this restaurant again. With an explainer video, you actively design the customer experience from the beginning, when a potential customer collects information about your product/service by watching the film. Thereby you take away a hurdle from the customer and allow him to sit back and quickly get a picture of your product or service.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Simplify information with an explainer video
Albert Einstein already realized that simplicity is the ultimate perfection.
“Any idiot can make things complicated. It requires a genius to simplify them.” [Albert Einstein] In an explainer video you can get across your concept, product or service to the viewer in a simple way. An animated video is the best way to do this. Even complex contexts can be explained by the graphical representation, simple symbols and a pleasant speaker voice. An additional technique is to draw images live and thus to receive the full attention of the viewer. Furthermore, users prefer videos/ films to text, pictures or audio, as this variant is more entertaining, can convey more information and requires the least concentration. Make it easy for your potential customers and convince them with such a professional film.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Other distribution possibilities
Such an explainer video gives you the opportunity to be represented on the second largest search engine on the Internet. This search engine is YouTube. This fact reinforces the statement that people prefer to be informed via video content. Besides YouTube, the movie can also be published on Vimeo, Facebook or Instagram. Such a movie also allows you to disseminate it through Facebook ads in target-specific way.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Reduce language barriers with the explainer video
The reason why explainer videos are so popular is because usually a graphical language and simple symbolism is used. The content is thus explained linguistically and as well as graphically. This means that viewers can understand the content, who only have little language skills. These new potential customers understand your content better, which can be a significant competitive advantage over competitors who only describe their products and services via text.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Build customer trust
An explainer video should provide the customer with a sense of security and authenticity in the first place. Such a video says several things about a company. For one thing, it says that the company has well thought out the product characteristics and/or processes. If an explainer video explains certain processes or procedures, it also shows that the company has standardized processes and thinks in processes. These are also characteristics of a reliable company offering high-quality products/ services. With such a video, you can effectively increase customer trust and positively influence the impression that potential customers have of your company.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Cost savings in customer support
With an explainer video, many uncertainties can be eliminated in advance. Thus, some of the so-called FAQ (Frequently asked questions) can also be addressed. In addition, you can also give the user instructions on how to run a particular process. Think of Ikea, for example. Ikea’s recipe for success was to design the pieces of furniture in such a way that the assembly of the furniture could be transferred to the customer. This is just one example of the fact that the outsourcing of processes to the customer can also be an advantage. In general, it can be said that such a film can save your employees a lot of time, which you better invest in your core business. With such a video you can free your potential customers from doubts and uncertainties, which leads us to the last point.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Increase of conversion rate
Once the doubts of a potential customer have been removed, it is more likely that he/she will perform a desired action, such as buying a product/ service, signing up for your newsletter or registering on your website. In an explainer video you can also implement the benefits of your product/ service convincingly. Considering that users are more receptive to video content and are also highly likely to click on it, it is advisable to incorporate compelling advertising messages into the video.

8 advantages of media consulting

The activities of media consulting have changed considerably in recent years, just as the influence of the media and the Internet has also changed considerably. Originally a media consultant was primarily active in the sale of advertising times on radio or TV. The new possibilities offered by the Internet have completely revolutionized the game and the rules of advertising. Media consulting nowadays has a much wider field of activity and is more important than ever. The following are some of the key benefits of media consulting.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Media consulting is comprehensive
As already mentioned, media consulting goes far beyond selling advertising times. This deals with all media-related activities in order to increase the turnover of your company, to put your company or product/service in the spotlight and to attract new customers. In addition to consulting, a media consultant can also take over the analysis, planning, implementation and control of your advertising campaigns. The media consultant masters the craft of graphic design, film production, web design and campaign creation, or is the link between you and the individual specialists.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Media consulting is individual
Effective media consulting is tailored to the needs of your company. Since every company is unique. Because your target group also has certain characteristics, it is best reached only through specific platforms or advertising means. At the beginning, the current states of your website, advertising campaigns, target group, communication channels and sales channels are determined. Your particular goals can then be developed and an individual project can be created for you.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon  Improve your website
Your website is the first to be analysed in a media consultation for optimization possibilities. A website is actually your flagship on the Internet and it also influences to a large extent the impression a potential customer gets from your company. Since often it is the decisive first impression. Only with a professional web designer, you can make an impressive and effective website. The media consultant is the link between you and the web designer. In close cooperation with you, the consultant defines the individual needs of your website in order to implement professional solutions with the skills of a web designer.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Improve your online presence
A media consultant develops effective online campaigns to address users via social networks. In doing so, he/she advises you so that you get a comprehensive understanding of how you can use social media to your advantage and what aspects really matter. For example, you should publish as much content as possible in social media that provides a great added value to your target audience. Especially content that informs, entertains or inspires the user, represents an added value. Since competing companies have the same opportunities, the most attention gets the one that is the loudest, provides the greatest added value and publishes most of the content. By being represented and active on multiple platforms, your brand is not only perceived more positively, but also improves your company’s Google ranking.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Discover the potential of video content
During the media consultation, see for yourself the references of successfully completed video productions and find out how you can use such a production for yourself. Media consultants who specialise in film production know how to address the right emotions of the audience and put your company in the spotlight. In fact, video content is one of the best means to get attention, which on the Internet is not that easy any more, since an insane amount of content is being published every day. Only through close cooperation with your company a unique concept for a film production that is precisely tailored to your target group can be developed.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Take advantage of the potential of online advertising campaigns
Media consulting can provide you with valuable advice and tricks to make your advertising campaign a complete success. While before the time of the Internet, the advertising times on TV and radio were only withheld for companies with large advertising budgets, nowadays any advertising campaigns can be started and tested with any budget. Another advantage is that online advertising is highly target-group-specific and therefore the divergence loss is very low. This is at least the case with ads through Google ads, affiliate marketing and Facebook ads. Facebook ads, especially in the B2C sector, achieves the best results and has the great advantage that you can narrow down and reach your target group very specifically. The fact is that online advertising has long since surpassed TV advertising, radio advertising and print advertising, in terms of advertising expenditure and effectiveness. For example, in the year 2016, Google and Facebook generated sales of 89.5 billion and 27.6 billion USD, the bulk of which was generated by advertising revenue. In order to achieve the highest possible impact with your online campaigns, it is highly recommended to work with a media consultant, as they already know what works and what does not work through many experiments and campaigns.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Professional target group analysis through media consulting
A professional target group analysis is an elementary component of a comprehensive media consulting. Surely you have already created a target group analysis for your company. The target groups may change over time; however, it makes sense to re-run this analysis from the perspective of a media consultant. It is also useful to change the angle of view and to put yourself into the situation of the target group and to study its consumption behaviour. Finally, there will be also addressed the question of what proportion of the respective target groups you are reaching and on which specific target groups your company should focus. That leads us straight to the next point.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   How to reach the right customers?
Winning the right customers is a key factor for achieving sustainable success as a company. Maybe your company is already running at full capacity and you don’t just want to acquire more customers, but above all to win the right customers. But what are the characteristics of a valuable customer? A valuable customer is loyal and interested in a long-term business relationship, generates high profitability, is low in maintenance and, if necessary, creates a challenge that enables your company to grow. In addition, such a customer can also open up opportunities to attract more of such customers by further recommending your company or leaving you with a positive customer recession. Thanks to the consultant´s background of former Projects, a media consultant can use his wealth of experience on your company and thus strike a bridge between your company and your target group. Take advantage of the know-how and experience of a professional media consultant and reach your target group.

10 advantages of a music video production

Music video productions are very popular on the internet and are nowadays more important than ever to become known as an artist/ band. Music videos are mostly played online nowadays, so this article is mostly concerning the benefits that the Internet makes possible. As an artist you can reach virtually anyone who has an Internet connection nowadays. So you are no longer dependent on the big music video channels to be seen. The following is a list of ten advantages of a music video production.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Addresses the emotions of the viewers
A music video production intensifies the emotions that are addressed when listening to a song. There is hardly a song that does not create emotions. As you know, music is the language of emotion. Another plus is that you don’t have to worry about determining the emotions that the video is supposed to create, because the song already evokes a certain mood. So use this visual level to more effectively move your viewers and therefore be better remembered.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   More clicks with a music video production
A music video is intended primarily to have a certain entertainment value and to highlight the song, similar to an opera. This will make it much more likely for users to play your song. Furthermore, your song gets the full attention and isn’t just playing in the background, as with songs that have no additional music video. In addition, there are a number of other reasons why a music video can significantly increase your popularity, which brings us to the following advantages.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Music video productions are among the most viewed
In fact, music videos are among the most viewed videos on YouTube, the largest video platform on the Internet. The five videos that have reached a billion views in the shortest time are music videos as well. Thus, music videos have relatively good preconditions to become known very quickly, since YouTube is mainly used for playing music videos.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Reach your target group directly
The internet allows you to address your target group in a direct way with your music video production. This hadn’t been possible in the past when broadcasting via music channels, whereby music broadcasters also demanded that music videos be mass-compatible to a certain extent. On the internet, it can even be helpful for the success of your song if you only appeal to a specific niche audience. In doing so, influencer-marketing is a way to reach your target group. Therefore you contact people who, for example, manage an influential group on Facebook or have an Instagram profile, which has a large number of followers that fit into your target group. In doing so, you negotiate with the “influencer” the possibility that he/she publishes your music video. In the best case, the influencer will find your video so entertaining and relevant to his/her followers that he/she publishes it for free. Through your own page on Facebook or other platforms, you can then build your own fan base. Another very effective and free means is to disseminate/ share your music video on relevant Facebook groups which mainly consist of your target group.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Measure the success of your music video production
Video platforms such as YouTube enable you to measure the success of your music video production and to interact with your audience. For example, YouTube users can leave comments about your video, so you can see how controversial the video is and how it is received by your audience. Furthermore, you can always look at the number of users watching your video through the number of views.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Use Facebook for your music video
Generally, visual posts and especially video content perform very well on Facebook. Videos uploaded to Facebook are played automatically in the news feed of the users without them having to click on play. Furthermore, you can promote the post of your video on Facebook and address it to a specific target group. You can even narrow your target group by age, gender, location, interests and many other characteristics. Assuming your style of the song resembles that of the legendary band U2, you can define an extra target group, which is also fan of U2, so that your post will appear directly on the news feed of this specific target group. To increase the number of views on YouTube at the same time, it makes sense to just upload a teaser of your video on Facebook and put a link to your YouTube video. In addition, it is suspected that videos directly uploaded to Facebook are preferred by the Facebook algorithm.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Create a complete work of art
A music video production gives you as an artist the opportunity to create a complete work of art. Give your audience the opportunity to learn more about your personality as an artist by putting your song into scene and possibly even appearing in it yourself. Such a video is a complete work of art, as several disciplines merge in it, such as filming, staging, screenplay creation, dance performances and the musical work.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   A music video production doesn’t have to be expensive
Due to the progress of film technology and ever more powerful editing software, the cost of music video production is constantly decreasing. Moreover, the success of a music video depends not so much on the amount of investment, but rather on a successful concept. After all, this is an artistic work in which the concept for the video screenplay is in the foreground. Another advantage is that you can concentrate fully on the filming, since the soundtrack is already given by the song. There are several possibilities to create the content of the video. A band rehearsal, a concert, dance performances or a specially designed story can be filmed. Several of these options are often combined in one music video.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   Advertising and source of income at the same time
It is clear that a music video production should increase the level of awareness of a song and the artist. You can also see it as a kind of image film for a song. Paradoxically, however, it can also represent a source of income. The publication on most video portals is free and after exceeding a certain number of visitors, revenue can be generated for run ads.

filmproduktion-hannover-ximpix-favicon   A music video production can open doors
With your music video you can not only reach your audience, but also attract the attention of potential partners. A music video helps your song and you as an artist to attract more attention and additionally a music video can also highlight your skills as a performer. For example, with a convincing music video you can get better gigs, win sponsors or even get a record contract.