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As the term explainer suggests, this is a video that explains how something works or should be done. For example, in such an explainer video you can explain a concept or the connections between different aspects.

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As a rule, these explainer videos are produced by organizations as well as companies to get across the products or services to their customers and prospects in a simple way. Among other terms, this is referred to as customer education in technical jargon. Especially storytelling in combination with multisensory aspects, represent characteristic features for an explainer video. The film duration of an explainer video is usually one to three minutes, in which relevant aspects are shown efficiently.

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What are the areas of application for the explainer video / explainer film?

The most common area in which the explainer video is used is classic market communication. In this area the moving picture has established itself in all imaginable shapes and is therefore increasingly used. The reason for this is that internet users stay longer on the websites when the service, the company and the product are presented in films. For example, you can use an image film, explainer film, product video or a commercial to effectively address your target audience.

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Is there a differentiation between the so-called how-to videos and the explainer video?

A how-to video usually demonstrates how to do something or how to use something. It resembles the explainer video in many respects except the key feature – the emotional storytelling. This means that the viewer is directly involved. This is achieved by the fact that the viewer can identify himself with the actor of the video. How-to videos do not build an emotional bond with the audience. The explainer video, on the other hand, is based on the requirements as well as the needs of customers and prospects.

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Apart from that, what other design elements also characterise
the explainer film / explainer video?

As in most videos, texts, pictures as well as a suitable music or sound are used. In an explainer video, a corresponding speaker is also used, who explains the contents in a friendly and simple way. Among other things, the context is conveyed in a simple and clear language in order to give the viewer a better understanding of your message.

The storytelling, which has already been mentioned, allows the film producers to put the subject into a realistic action. With a precise story, the audience can better identify themselves, especially when the film is realistically composed. In this way, you can make your products or service familiar to your potential customers and create a bond.

In addition to this popular storytelling, further, frequently used design elements for illustrating the contents would be used, as for example, images being drawn live in the video or also photorealistic 3D elements. Predominantly, during the conception the symbolism is to be kept simple in which the keywords or relevant correlations are visualized in an eye-catching way.

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