With the relaunch of your website you modernize your online presence!

The relaunch is an important process to get your old website up to date. The web design and / or the contents of your online presence are changed with the relaunch.This involves the redesign of your website. This is an elaborate process that represents time and work. But it is worthwhile in every way for your company to present itself with the latest state of the art attractively. Keep in mind that there are many pitfalls in the implementation. Ximpix therefore recommends that you consult a professional agency for your project. Our experienced team can implement the relaunch effectively, quickly and comfortably for you!

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When and why is a relaunch necessary?

Often, there are important features that are not covered on a website. Often there are components missing on the current website modules, such as a newsletter module, live chat, forum or other areas that cannot be integrated on the existing website. Furthermore, new changes are being made due to the development of the Internet and web design.

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Visual mediums

In contrast to previous web concepts, modern websites are no longer that text-intensive and adapt themselves to the reading behaviour of the visitors. Various media, such as pictures and videos, are considered to be more effective means for presenting the company on the Internet. With the ability to shape your web design, you can give your corporate website a certain character.

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Expertise required

Especially, websites that were created without taking into account the search engine optimization using old script code techniques should be completely re-established. Without expert knowledge, your website is most likely not easy to find, so you should always consult a specialist. This topic is very complex and requires both experience and the necessary know-how.

Your website can be obsolete not only in its appearance, but also in its contents. The web presences of the competitors are steadily getting more innovative and impressive in order to reach their target groups. Dynamic graphics, product videos and promotional films are not only popular, but also bring across the information to your customers in a completely new and memorable way.

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Layout and final touch

The layout is then designed and, in consultation with our customers, the finishing touches are given subsequently. After production of the design, this is also made “responsive”. This means that the Web site is optimized for mobile devices. The view is therefore adapted to a smartphone or tablet. The pictorial material should present your company in a comprehensive and diversified manner. Both the design and the content are optimized for Google and Bing search engines. This includes, for example, the writing of appropriate texts, which are intended to provide added value for users. Laymen usually do not know what aspects to consider when writing. This is another reason for hiring an expert.

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Implement a successful relaunch together!

No matter what industries and how big your business is, we offer you lasting content that you can benefit from in many ways. You do not need to worry, because Ximpix realizes your project smoothly, transparently and successfully. In this way you can use your time for other relevant matters! We take care not only of the implementation of your project, but also of the subsequent maintenance of your online presence. We are happy to analyse your website and point you out its strengths and weaknesses. We would be happy to explain whether a relaunch would be worthwhile for you or not.

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