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Due to technological progress, a large number of innovations have been developed, especially in the last decade. This includes the possibility of photography as well. The 360 degree photo has become popular in recent years and has become a trend in all online advertising campaigns.

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Interactive 360 degree Photo at Gundlach in Hannover

16679 x 8338 Pixel!

360 Grad Tour

Interactive 360 degree Photo at Yellow

360 Grad Tour

Town Hall Hannover – Interactive 360 degree Photo

360 Grad Tour

Ximpix: Comprehensive expertise

Such a 360-degree photograph enables you to view an entire room or scene, not just an image as in a regular photograph. But what’s the purpose of an impressive 360-degree photo? Our creative agency from Hanover has been engaging with the complex creation of 360-degree projects since 2008. Throughout Germany, our team is the pioneer in terms of 360-degree photo and 360-degree video. We have extensive expertise to realize your ideas as an all-round project.

How about a 360 degree Video?

Immerse yourself in a virtual environment with the 360 degree photo!

Everyone knows them and is fascinated! The 360-degree photo or 360-degree video can, as the term implies, be viewed at an angle of 360°. The user decides what he puts his focus on and where he looks at. By operating the mouse on the PC or the touchscreen on the mobile device you can navigate yourself through the image or the film. Impressive environments can realistically be brought to the customer or user in this way. They therefore awaken even more intense feelings and take the user´s breath away with high-resolution and pin sharp images.

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Through our expertise in the field of 360-degree photography, we implement customer projects with competence and skill. During our activities in the field of film production, we have already celebrated a large number of regional, national and international projects as an achievement. With our passion for photography and film, we deliver results that are not only target-oriented, but also shine on a qualitative level!

How about a 360 degree video?

Why is the 360 degree photo so popular?

An innovative all-round photo allows the viewers to immerse themselves in a fascinating environment. Being so close to reality is hardly achieved by any other medium! The impact and the effect are extremely powerful. Since the enthusiasm is therefore very high, it opens up a variety of uses for the makers. Especially in fields like social media and online marketing, the 360 degree photo is increasingly being used.

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You ask yourself for what purpose?

Often, film scenes, office premises, construction projects, sights can be well illustrated in such a photo. By the use of a 360 degree photo, users take more time to take a closer look at the entire picture. This means that the visit duration of potential customers on a website is extended. If the pictures are well done, it will arouse the interest of the visitor. Often, more internal sites are clicked on and visited. Users can come across new products simply for curiosity.

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360 degree photos increase the reach

The dissemination of media, such as pictures or videos, is often viral. If it is a successful work with this unrestricted view, people tend to become curious and share it accordingly with their fellow human beings if the images are exciting or aesthetically pleasing. With infinite creativity, different motives and scenarios in the 360-degree photo can be presented and staged.

The creation of such a 360 degree photo is usually underestimated. Yet solid implementation expertise is required. Furthermore, equipment and programs are also needed for rework and composition in order to produce clean results. Ultimately, the 360-degree photo should inspire the user and give an incentive.

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From the idea to the final result, Ximpix will help you with your 360-degree project, setting you apart from your competitors with fancy ideas! Get in touch with us this very day.

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