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In other languages, as for instance German, it is termed “Regisseur”, which comes from the French verb “régir” and means as much as “conduct”. Thus, the film director or you direct the film and play a decisive role for the whole process in the production of films. In addition to actors and performers, the film director represents the driving creative power of a film. They usually have a concrete idea of the individual scenes in advance and require the ability to use dramaturgical and stylistic means.

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Our creative agency Ximpix from Hanover has established itself in film production at a regional, national as well as international level. The film projects we have carried out have surpassed the ideas of countless customers from various industries. With the infinite possibilities of creativity and our many years of experience, we deliver you high-resolution moving pictures with high-quality sounds that appeal to your audience.

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What are the tasks of the director?

The activities of the Director include the most diverse areas of film production. Among other things, this includes the design according to the original template and possibly in collaboration with the author. A comprehensive search in advance regarding the subject is therefore inevitable, so that a stylish implementation takes place. Likewise, a director is responsible for the calculation as well as for the process of film production in order to check the financial circumstances. His artistic intentions will be subsequently adjusted accordingly to the calculation.

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The director also chooses the actors and the crew in artistic and technical terms for the upcoming film. This includes the camera work, music, costumes or also the editing and the assistant director. Furthermore, the development of a conception and the creation of a storyboard, the director’s book as well as a shooting script fall into the scope of action of the film director. Another task is selecting the scenes as well as setting the stunts and special effects. The choice of costumes, requisites and masks are also part of his extensive range of activities.

Together with the composer, the director either works out a musical conception or chooses a suitable music from existing templates. Once the preparations have been completed, the actual shooting can take place. Meanwhile, the director obtains the artistic freedom and the final decision about the camera settings, camera movements and the set-up of the set.

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Be it a short film, product video, trade show film or feature-length film: Ximpix operates in all areas of film production and has extensive expertise. You too can use our service in order to create a successful film together with us. We offer you not only fresh and original ideas, but also give your film that certain something to highlight it from the competition!

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We take over the direction and create moments of happiness. We use our experienced specialists to plan and precisely implement your projects and provide you by means of our creative concepts with original films that convey emotions and convince! From Hanover to the world!


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